Zcash (ZEC) is a cryptocurrency that focuses on providing users with the ability to send or receive completely anonymous transactions, similar to Monero. However, unlike Monero, Zcash offers the option to switch between public or private transactions. The high level of security and privacy provided by Zcash makes it popular with players seeking to bet at online casinos anonymously. 

This article provides a full breakdown of everything you need to know about Zcash casino sites, including how to choose the best Zcash casinos and where to find the latest Zcash casino bonuses and promotions for 2022!

Current Zcash Bonuses and Promotions

Zcash cryptocurrency casinos offer complete anonymity regarding withdrawal transactions and deposits, but that’s not the only benefit they provide players. In addition, most crypto casino sites also offer competitive bonuses and promotions.

Some of the most common bonuses and promotions offered by Zcash casino sites include free spins, special promos, new player promos, and, in rare cases, Zcash casino no deposit bonuses. Furthermore, the following bonuses are typically available from most current Zcash casino sites:

  • Matched deposit bonuses: This is the most common bonus offered and provides players with a fixed percentage — usually 100% — of the first deposit they make as bonus cash. For example, if a player deposits $500, they will receive an additional $500 to play with
  • Cash bonuses: Many sites offer a simple cash bonus rather than a complicated matched deposit bonus, such as a $200 new player bonus on first deposits. Some sites also offer cash bonuses as VIP rewards or for reload bonuses
  • Reload bonuses: Reload bonuses incentivize ongoing deposits to an account, such as the second or third deposit. For example, a reload bonus on a second deposit may offer a 75% matched deposit bonus, while a reload bonus on a third deposit could offer a 50% matched deposit bonus
  • Free spins: This is the most straightforward type of bonus and typically provides players with free spins on Zcash slots or free spins on Zcash roulette

Participating in the VIP program of a Zcash casino site can offer additional benefits. Most VIP programs reward players with points or levels for regular participation or deposits, which can be redeemed for access to higher stakes and betting limits, cash bonuses, free spins, and other rewards.

You can use the latest special promo codes on some Zcash casino sites to access far bigger and better bonuses. Coin Clarity publishes a current list of the best Zcash casino sites and any active promo or bonus codes for 2022 in the table at the top of this article. 

Zcash Casinos

What Zcash Casino Games Can I Play?

Casino sites that accept Zcash work the same way as traditional online casinos. Once you’ve made your first deposit to a Zcash casino, you’ll be able to view and choose from a wide range of cryptocurrency casino games.

Some of the latest provably fair games that users can play with Zcash on crypto casinos include:

  • Blackjack
    • Classic Blackjack
    • European Blackjack
    • Pontoon
  • Poker
    • Texas Hold ‘Em
    • Omaha
    • Caribbean Stud
  • Roulette
    • Monopoly Roulette
    • Double Ball Roulette
    • Japanese Roulette

While some sites accept Zcash as a deposit method, not every crypto casino offers players the ability to wager Zcash directly — some sites accept Zcash but offer wagers in Bitcoin, USD, or other fiat currency denominations. 

The action available on crypto casinos that accept Zcash is similar to traditional sites, with many Zcash casinos offering Zcash poker tournaments and Zcash blackjack tournaments with large jackpots. If you’ve ever played casino games online before, you’ll find the user interfaces of Zcash casino sites easy to navigate. The most crucial difference between Zcash casinos and traditional fiat currency-only casinos is the availability of instant withdrawals with anonymous crypto transactions. 

How to Deposit Zcash at Online Casinos

Once you’ve purchased your Zcash, you’ll need to send it to a crypto casino site to start playing casino games with it. The basic steps involved in sending a Zcash transaction are similar to sending a Bitcoin or Ethereum transaction — all you’ll need is your Zcash wallet address of the site you’ve chosen to play on.

However, unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can use Zcash to make transactions to two different Zcash wallet types – shielded or unshielded. A shielded address hides the transaction details of the sender, rendering the transaction anonymous.

Where to Play Zcash Casino Games

If you’re planning to play casino games on a site that offers anonymous Zcash transactions, you’ll need to double-check that the address provided by your Zcash casino site is a shielded address. This information is usually clearly stated in a casino site’s “wallet” or “account” section.

Once you’ve found your Zcash wallet address, copy and paste it into the destination field when you make a withdrawal request from your crypto exchange, then click send. Your Zcash deposit transaction should be complete in less than 30 minutes in most cases.

Currently, players have several different deposit methods to choose from including:

  • Mastercard Debit or Credit Card
  • Visa Debit or Credit Card
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal

How to Withdraw Zcash from Online Casinos

If you’re ready to withdraw your Zcash winnings from a crypto casino site, you’ll need to create a new payout request from your crypto casino. Again, it’s essential to check the kind of wallet address you’re withdrawing your Zcash to — if you want to receive your Zcash anonymously, you’ll need to make sure you’re providing your casino site with a shielded Zcash wallet address.

If you’re planning on selling your Zcash casino winnings for cash, you’ll need to withdraw your Zcash to a cryptocurrency exchange wallet. However, if you purchased your Zcash by following the steps in the “How to Buy Zcash” section of this guide, you could withdraw your ZEC winnings to the same Zcash wallet address you originally sent it from.

Using Zcash to Bet Online: What You Need to Know

While Zcash offers total privacy, there are some crucial differences between Zcash and Monero. If you’ve never used Zcash to bet online before, the following tips and security best practices will help you keep your personal information safe and secure. 

  • Zcash transactions: Some cryptocurrency exchanges may integrate features that streamline creating a Z address and use it to generate anonymous transactions. Still, it’s best to develop an understanding of how to enable the privacy functions of Zcash if you want to use it to bet anonymously on casino sites
  • KYC requirements: It’s best to check the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements of a cryptocurrency casino site before you make a Zcash deposit if you’re planning on playing anonymously. Some sites may accept Zcash but are obligated under KYC regulations to collect the personal details of players that make withdrawal requests above a certain threshold
  • Security: Zcash is entirely private, but it’s just as fungible as any other cryptocurrency. It’s vital to follow cryptocurrency security best practices, such as enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) and only bet on reliable, trustworthy sites with verifiable reputations
Best Zcash Welcome Bonuses

Choosing the Best Zcash Casino

Zcash casino sites offer players a wide variety of features. For example, some sites offer live casino games, while others provide decentralized cryptocurrency casino features such as provably-fair casino games.

It’s important to note that just because a site accepts Zcash as a deposit or withdrawal method, it doesn’t necessarily offer completely anonymous online casino functionality. Therefore, before you sign up, it’s best to check the KYC requirements and how the site handles Zcash deposits. It’s also worth checking to see the smartphone support, wagering and withdrawal limits, and other available support options.

Check the following features before you sign up for a crypto casino site that accepts Zcash: 

  • Customer support: It’s best to play on casino sites that offer live chat or phone support in addition to email support
  • Payout speed: The most reliable Zcash casinos offer instant payouts
  • Live Zcash casino games: Some sites offer live casino games, while others only provide basic casino games or decentralized provably fair games
  • Bonuses and promos: It’s worth noting that different sites will offer different promos and bonuses. See the table at the top of this article for the latest list of Zcash casino sites that are currently offering the best promos 

Zcash Advantages

How to Play ZEC Blackjack

Zcash has become an extremely popular banking option for depositing and withdrawing funds from cryptocurrency casinos due to the privacy feature it offers. Furthermore, while Zcash can provide total anonymity when sending crypto transactions, it’s also not complicated to use — ZEC transactions work the same way as Bitcoin or Ethereum transactions when sending or receiving and only require a wallet address.

Zcash is active on many major crypto exchanges, making it relatively easy to withdraw winnings from online Zcash casinos. Users can trade Zcash for fiat currencies such as USD or EUR or many other cryptocurrencies. Fast withdrawals are one of the biggest advantages of using Zcash at online casinos.

ZEC provides bettors with the ability to play casino games such as roulette, slots, poker, and blackjack entirely anonymously, but that’s not the only advantage of using it to play casino games. Cryptocurrency casinos offer significantly more relaxed KYC requirements when compared to traditional sites and, in many cases, allow users to play completely anonymous crypto casino games.

Other advantages of Zcash casino sites include far higher betting limits and stakes when compared to traditional sites, as well as higher deposit and withdrawal limits. If you want to get started with Zcash casinos, you’ll first need to pick a crypto casino site that accepts ZEC as a deposit and withdrawal method. You’ll also need some Zcash to bet with.

How to Buy Zcash

Zcash, unlike Monero, is extensively listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges and is relatively easy to purchase. The simplest method of buying Zcash is to trade another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum for ZEC on an exchange that lists it.

If you don’t already have another cryptocurrency to trade for Zcash, you’ll need to either fund an exchange account with a bank transfer, which can take several days, or buy Zcash directly with a Visa or Mastercard. Buying Zcash with a Visa or Mastercard can sometimes incur a small additional card processing fee, but your Zcash can then be accessed instantly rather than waiting days for a bank transfer to process.

If you reside in the United States, you can buy Zcash instantly from Binance US. In addition, Gemini offers instant card purchases to users in most regions inside and outside of the US.

The basic steps involved in buying Zcash are as follow:

  • Create an account on an exchange that lists ZEC and offers instant card purchases such as Binance US or Gemini
  • Complete the ID verification process to enable instant card purchases
  • Link your Visa or Mastercard to your exchange account
  • Buy Zcash instantly

Once you’ve completed these steps, your Zcash will be available for withdrawal in a wallet hosted by the exchange where it was purchased. At this point, you’re ready to deposit your funds to a Zcash casino. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are Zcash casino sites safe?

A: There are many crypto casino sites that accept Zcash that provide complete privacy and anonymity and deliver the same security and safety standards as highly reputable traditional online casinos. Coin Clarity ranks the safest and best Zcash casino sites in the table at the top of this article based on factors such as payout speed, reputation, trustworthiness, and player reviews. 

Q: Is there a minimum deposit for Zcash casino sites?

A: Cryptocurrency casinos offer far more relaxed banking limits when compared to traditional sites, which means it’s generally possible to make deposits with no minimum deposit limit. Maximum deposits on crypto casinos can reach as high as $5,000 to $10,000. However, a site that offers deposit bonuses may set minimum deposit amounts at $10 to $50.

Q: Where can I bet with Zcash online?

A: You can use ZEC as a deposit method on a wide variety of online betting sites outside of casinos. In addition to slots, roulette, poker, and blackjack, it’s possible to bet Zcash on sports via cryptocurrency sports betting sites. Other sites that make it possible to bet Zcash anonymously include Zcash live betting sites and Zcash horse racing betting sites. 

Key Takeaways

Zcash is one of the few completely anonymous cryptocurrencies that allows users to send or receive funds without revealing personal information or transaction details on a public blockchain. In addition, cryptocurrency casinos that accept Zcash make it possible to bet completely anonymously and offer a wide range of additional advantages.

Using Zcash on online casinos protects user data and offers players competitive promotions and bonuses, high deposit and withdrawal limits, and the ability to access instant withdrawals. As a result, Zcash is an excellent alternative privacy coin to Monero to bet at many online casinos in 2022!