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We’re on a mission to bring clarity to crypto.

Coin Clarity was founded in 2017 to bring the art of storytelling to a crypto world filled with impenetrable jargon and technical tomfoolery.

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Well over one million people have visited Coin Clarity and been guided on their way to begin investing in cryptocurrency.


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Over the years, we have featured the voices of dozens of crypto journalists, enthusiasts, and investors from 5 continents. 



Launched in 2017, 7 “crypto years” is the equivalent of 70 years in the real-world. We have all gotten a lot grayer to prove it.

Our journey with crypto started as a few friends who were fascinated with Bitcoin and blockchain. Nick bought his first Bitcoin in 2012 at $127 each, stored it in a cool site called Vircurex, and immediately lost it all after Vircurex was “hacked” (rugged) and shut down.

aaaaaand its gone

This was a great lesson in the excitement and perils of being a beginner starting out in the wild world of cryptocurrencies.

Each of us fellow crypto enthusiasts have their own origin story, and we are all excited for our own reasons. Some Coin Clarity users are passionate about investing. Some are excited about the possibilities that blockchain brings to renew and re-envision our future of money on this planet. Some are fans of a particular blockchain project and want to buy some of that token to support the development of a new Dapp.

Whatever the reason we are all here, we are on this journey together.

Looking back to 2017 when we started this website, we had very little knowledge about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

We didn’t know at the time just how much we didn’t know.

We have made mistakes and overvalued some qualities in the products we review, as well as completely ignored some very important developments.

We are learning along with everyone else.

Our Mission

We are in the business of providing clarity. The clarity of knowing the right course of action. In everything we do here, our north star is providing people with the information and confidence that they need to make smart decisions in the world of distributed finance.

What We Do

  1. We research, review, rate, and inform. We spend hundreds of hours poring over the details of every product in the cryptocurrency space. We learn and test the best investing strategies.
  2. We write guides and reviews in the most concise manner possible while walking the fine line of giving curious people the most information possible in the simplest to digest form – while avoiding information overload.
  3. We spark the “A-HA” moment. When you really get it for the first time. We are addicted to a-ha moments and seek to give that to everyone we can.

The Team.

We are a group of people who are passionate about researching all the latest trends and technologies in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and peer-to-peer movement.

Jess Richardson

Co-Founder, Managing Editor
Jess is a crypto investor who has been through two bull runs, making him one of the most seasoned traders still alive.
Nick Coin Clarity

Nick Mitchell

Co-Founder, COO
Nick would have been rich had he not lost his Bitcoin, but now he runs this website instead of living on a beach.

Pedro Roman

Co-Founder, CTO
A dev who specializes in data analysis and blockchain research.

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