How do we make money?

At Coin Clarity we receive compensation for many (about 50%) of the products and services that we display on the site.

We are a team of people who believe in our mission – trying to bring widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies to the world, thus creating a freer and more connected world. This take a lot of time and commitment, and we need to make money to support this endeavor.

We trust that by being a truly unbiased source of information about cryptocurrencies and products that our long-term gains would outweigh our short-term profits. This is a core belief at Coin Clarity, and one that guides our actions each and every day.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes. We do accept sponsored listings (like Yelp, Google, etc.) that show up at the top of their relevant product category. These will always be clearly highlighted and labeled as “sponsored” or “featured.”

Since we aim to list every single company in the world on our site and restrict ourselves from making any value judgements, we do not make any claims about the trustworthiness of any company listed. The only paid advertisers that we will not accept are blatant scams or known untrustworthy actors. Therefore, a sponsored or featured listing is not an endorsement for the product itself. It is simply a company paying to get more exposure on Coin Clarity.

It is up to you to use our data and information to research and make value judgements for yourself.

Happy hunting!