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Coin Clarity helps you find your new favorite digital coins, exchanges, and wallets.  We go beyond investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin & ethereum - we help you use them.

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Quick Start Guides

Introductions to some basic cryptocurrency topics


Bitcoin is a type of money that is completely digital. It allows person-to-person transactions that are not controlled by any government or bank.

Bitcoin 101


An open source software platform on which decentralized apps can be built. Think of a programmable Bitcoin network that can do much more than just send money.

Ethereum 101

Buy & Sell

Currency exchanges are where you can buy your first coins, swap some BTC for another type of coin, or sell and cash out to your local currency.

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Store in a Wallet

Cryptocurrencies are the equivalent of digital cash - if you lose them they are gone forever. Wallet types range from online to your actual safe at home.

Wallets 101 View all

Crypto News

We publish the best weekly news roundup in town! It's a handwritten collection of the most important crypto news to keep you on top of the latest developments.

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Casinos and gambling have long been one of the best uses of bitcoin and altcoins. We list every single site including slots, poker, and betting on sports.

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With bitcoin you can buy basically anything online, and at an increasing number of IRL businesses every day. Find out all the cool things you can do!



An initial coin offering (ICO) is a way to issue a new coin & for people to invest in new projects. Think of it as Kickstarter for cryptocurrency companies.


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