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Zengo is an innovative crypto wallet that is refreshingly easy to use, secure for all users, while enabling account recovery and allowing users to buy almost any crypto.

ZenGo is uniquely tailored for crypto beginners, eliminating the complexity of managing private keys while ensuring recoverability of crypto assets if access to the wallet is lost. This feature is particularly reassuring for newcomers, providing a safety net against common issues faced in cryptocurrency management. The wallet's user-friendly design, combined with robust customer support, makes ZenGo an excellent starting point for anyone new to the crypto world.

General Overview

  • Keyless security
  • Asset Recoverability
  • User-friendly design
  • Broad Cryptocurrency Support
  • 24/7 Support
  • Minimum Transaction Requirement
  • Feature Availability
  • Custodial Aspects
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Zengo Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Deposit Withdraw Speed
Apple Pay Instant
Bank Transfer (ACH) 1-3 days
Credit Card Instant
Cryptocurrency Instant
Debit Card Instant
Google Pay Instant
SEPA 1-3 days

ZenGo offers a range of banking options, catering to various user preferences and needs. The wallet allows for the direct purchase of cryptocurrencies within the app using credit or debit cards, providing a straightforward and convenient buying process. Users can enter the amount of cryptocurrency they wish to purchase along with their payment details, making transactions simple and user-friendly​​.

In addition to card payments, ZenGo supports a variety of payment methods including SEPA and Swift bank transfers, specifically for customers in the EU and UK. Apple Pay is another option, broadening the accessibility for users with different banking preferences. The platform partners with MoonPay and Banxa, enabling users to buy cryptocurrencies in 188 countries and sell in 28 countries globally, thus offering a wide international reach​​​​.

The flexibility in banking options combined with ZenGo's straightforward transaction process makes it an accessible platform for users across different regions, accommodating a wide range of banking preferences and ensuring a seamless experience in managing cryptocurrency transactions.

Zengo Fees

Base maker fee%
Base taker fee%

ZenGo's fee structure is designed to accommodate various types of cryptocurrency transactions:

  • Buying Crypto: When purchasing crypto with a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay through Banxa, users are charged a spread of 3.75% and a gateway fee of 1.99%, with no local currency conversion fee. The network fee applies, and the minimum amount is set at 50 USD/EUR or equivalent. With Moonpay, the spread is usually between 1.5% and 3.0%, a processing fee of 4.0% applies (minimum €3.99/£3.99/$3.99 or equivalent), a gateway fee of 1.99%, and a minimum purchase amount of 30 USD​​.
  • Selling Crypto: For selling crypto to a bank account, ZenGo charges a spread from 1.00%, a processing fee of 4.5%, and no gateway fee. The minimum transaction limit is typically around USD 30, and maximum limits vary by region. Similarly, selling crypto to a Mastercard/Visa card via Moonpay incurs a spread from 1.00% and a processing fee of 4.5%, with no gateway fee. The minimum transaction here is USD 15/€15, and the maximum is 10k monthly​​​​.
  • Crypto Swapping: When swapping cryptocurrencies via Changelly, processing fees are up to 2% and spreads can reach up to 2.0% for most pairs, although this can vary. The minimum and maximum limits depend on the trading pair and market liquidity, and network fees apply​​.
  • General Fees: ZenGo does not charge for storing, sending, or receiving cryptocurrencies. However, when using additional features on the platform, certain fees apply. For example, crypto deposits and withdrawals involve no processing fee, but a transaction fee is applied by the associated blockchain. The crypto-to-crypto trade fee is 0.75%. When purchasing crypto with a debit/credit card, the fee is 4.75%, and it's 1.99% for bank transfers​​.
  • Purchase Limits: ZenGo has different daily, weekly, and monthly caps and limits on purchases that vary based on the coin, payment method, and geography. Users are alerted if they are below or above these purchase limits when creating an order. Limits are not cumulative across different vendors or between purchase, trade, and sale transactions​​.

This fee structure provides transparency and flexibility, catering to different transaction types and user preferences.

How to Sign Up for Zengo

  1. Download App: Get the ZenGo wallet app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).
  2. Create Wallet: Open the app and select “Create a New Wallet” to initiate the setup.
  3. Set Security: Implement security measures including Face ID or Touch ID, email verification, and a keyless backup system.
  4. Add Cryptocurrencies: Click “Add Assets” and choose the cryptocurrencies you wish to add.
  5. Begin Usage: Start using your ZenGo wallet to send and receive cryptocurrencies, check balances, and track transactions​​.

Pros Explained

  • Keyless security: ZenGo uses a 3-Factor Authentication system, removing the hassle of managing private keys.
  • Asset Recoverability: Users can easily recover their assets, providing a safety net against loss of access.
  • User-friendly design: The wallet's interface is tailored for ease of use, ideal for crypto beginners.
  • Broad Cryptocurrency Support: ZenGo caters to various investment interests by supporting a wide range of cryptocurrencies.
  • 24/7 Support: Round-the-clock live customer support enhances the overall user experience, especially for newcomers.

Cons Explained

  • Minimum Transaction Requirement: The wallet requires a minimum of $50 per transaction for buying, potentially high for some users​​.
  • Feature Availability: Not all of ZenGo's features are available in every country, limiting its utility for some international users​​.
  • Custodial Aspects: While offering innovative security, ZenGo cannot be considered fully non-custodial, a consideration for those seeking total control over their assets​​.

Zengo Review

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, secure and user-friendly wallets are crucial for managing and transacting in digital assets. ZenGo has emerged as a solution, offering a unique approach to crypto wallet security with its keyless design that eschews traditional seed phrases in favor of advanced cryptographic methods.

As a self-custodial wallet, ZenGo provides you with full control over your cryptocurrencies. Its use of multi-party computation (MPC) technology sets it apart from conventional wallets by enhancing security without sacrificing convenience. This blend of accessibility, security, and innovative features aims to reduce the barriers for entering the cryptocurrency ecosystem while providing peace of mind.

Key Takeaways

  • ZenGo offers a keyless wallet, giving you full control over your crypto assets without the need for traditional seed phrases.
  • The wallet is designed with a focus on user experience and simplicity, featuring a straightforward transaction process and easy setup.
  • ZenGo is part of a broader ecosystem of crypto services and products, paving the way for secure and innovative cryptocurrency management.

Getting Started with ZenGo

ZenGo simplifies the setup process for managing cryptocurrencies by removing traditional security measures like passwords and seed phrases. With ZenGo, you’ll experience a frictionless account creation process and a user-friendly interface designed to enhance your control over digital assets.

Creating an Account

To get started with ZenGo, download the app on your Android or iOS device and open it to begin your account setup. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Provide your email address: ZenGo will use this for all communication and account recovery purposes.
  2. Email verification: Check your inbox for a verification email from ZenGo and click the provided link to verify your connectivity.

After email verification, ZenGo automates the creation of two Multi-Party Computation (MPC) secret shares, where one is kept on your device and the other is stored securely by ZenGo.

User Interface Overview

Navigating ZenGo is straightforward, with a clean and intuitive UI that guides you through your crypto journey. When you first open ZenGo:

  • You’ll find quick access to your wallets with clear visibility of your asset’s values.
  • The menu options are laid out simply, making it easy to access services such as buying, selling, or trading your cryptocurrencies.

Through the user interface, you can effortlessly manage your transactions and review your portfolio’s performance without needing to navigate complex menus or deal with technical jargon.

Key Security Features

ZenGo’s security infrastructure focuses on eliminating traditional vulnerabilities such as the reliance on seed phrases or single points of failure while ensuring secure transactions.

Three-Factor Authentication (3FA)

Your ZenGo wallet employs 3FA, a more robust security measure beyond the standard two factors. This means you’re protected by something you know (a PIN code), something you have (your mobile device or recovery file), and something you are (biometric verification).

Biometric Verification

For access and operations in your wallet, ZenGo leverages biometric verification, such as a facial scan. This layer of security ensures that even if your device is compromised, your wallet remains secure since it requires your unique biometrics.

Secure Cloud Storage

ZenGo utilizes secure, encrypted cloud storage to maintain your recovery file. This enables a non-custodial wallet experience without exposing you to the risks typically associated with losing a physical seed phrase.

Multi-Party Computation (MPC) Technology

MPC technology is at the core of ZenGo’s security. It means no single device or server holds your private key in its entirety, dramatically reducing the potential for a single point of failure. Transactions require consent from multiple independent computation participants, ensuring an added layer of security for your digital assets.

ZenGo Wallet Capabilities

ZenGo wallet offers a range of features tailored for both newcomers and experienced users in the realm of digital assets. Here are some specifics about what you can do with ZenGo.

Support for Multiple Cryptocurrencies

ZenGo wallet supports a diverse array of cryptocurrencies, including popular ones such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), as well as various tokens and NFTs. Your digital portfolio can be diversified across major chains like Polygon, accommodating a wide range of assets.

Buy, Sell and Trade Crypto

You have the capability to buy and sell crypto directly within the wallet. The process integrates various payment methods, with a transparent processing fee. On top of that, ZenGo allows you to swap cryptocurrencies efficiently without leaving the app.

Sending and Receiving Funds

Sending and receiving funds with ZenGo is straightforward. Whether you’re dealing with bitcoin, ethereum, or other supported cryptocurrencies, the wallet simplifies the process. You can securely send and receive funds by sharing your wallet address or a QR code with others.

Staking and Earning Rewards

With ZenGo, staking your cryptocurrency is made accessible, enabling you to earn rewards on your holdings. The wallet supports the staking of various tokens, potentially providing you with an additional stream of income through the participation in network validation.

User Experience and Design

The design philosophy of ZenGo heavily focuses on simplifying the user’s journey in the cryptocurrency realm, ensuring accessibility through a user-friendly interface and robust customer support across its mobile platforms.

Mobile Platform Availability

ZenGo’s mobile wallet is accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. This ensures that a wide range of users can manage their cryptocurrencies conveniently from their smartphones.

Ease of Use

ZenGo has streamlined ease of use with its intuitive interface, eliminating the traditional complexities like passwords, private keys, and seed phrases. Transactions are straightforward, facilitating a smoother user experience for both seasoned investors and newcomers.

Customer Support

The wallet’s customer support is notable, with fast response times and helpful assistance. ZenGo maintains a strong focus on user satisfaction, reflected in positive user reviews praising the support team’s efficiency and friendliness.

The first time I contacted support, I found myself chatting with ZenGo’s founder Ouriel Ohayon. He’s a nice guy!

Transaction Process

When using the Zengo wallet, you should be aware of the transaction process — including the speed and limits, the associated fees, and the payment methods supported.

Execution Speed and Limits

Your transactions through Zengo are executed efficiently, but they are subject to network conditions. Limits can vary and are dependent on factors such as the level of verification you have completed.

Network and Processing Fees

Each transaction has an associated network fee, which can fluctuate based on the blockchain’s congestion. Processing fees are applied to transactions and can include charges from payment processors like Ramp, Banxa, or Moonpay.

Supported Payment Methods

Zengo allows you to buy and sell crypto with a variety of payment methods. These include traditional options such as credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers, as well as legacy transfers. It’s important to note that each payment method may come with its own fees and limits.

ZenGo Services and Products

ZenGo offers a suite of products catered to both regular users and professionals seeking advanced features and security for managing digital assets. Their services are geared towards providing a user-friendly experience while maintaining high security standards.

Professional Services – ZenGo Pro

ZenGo Pro is tailored for clients who seek professional-level services with enhanced security and support. Your portfolio is protected with advanced measures, such as Web3 firewall technology, which is designed to shield your tokens and digital assets from unauthorized access.

Support for NFTs and Web3

With ZenGo, you have the capability to buy, sell, and manage NFTs (non-fungible tokens), integrating the dynamic world of digital art and collectibles into your portfolio. Their wallet seamlessly supports Web3 interactions, allowing you to engage with decentralized applications and tokens securely.

Portfolio Management Functions

ZenGo’s portfolio management functions enable you to track and manage a diverse range of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs, in one consolidated place. You have real-time access to your asset distribution and performance, which simplifies the process of managing your investments across various tokens and digital assets.

ZenGo’s Place in the Crypto Ecosystem

ZenGo is redefining its position within the crypto environment by offering a unique blend of security and user experience. Your understanding of its role is essential in navigating the expanding landscape of cryptocurrency wallets.

Comparison with Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are physical devices offering offline storage, considered highly secure for your cryptocurrency assets. ZenGo, in contrast, leverages the convenience of a mobile application without the need for physical hardware. This positions ZenGo as a more accessible option, still prioritizing security through innovative use of multi-party computation (MPC) cryptography. Compared to hardware wallets, ZenGo promises a keyless setup, which simplifies the recovery process without compromising on safety, blending self-custody with ease-of-use.

Cloud Technology vs. Self-Custody

By adopting MPC cryptography, ZenGo positions itself at the intersection of cloud technology and self-custody. This technology allows you to control your assets without the risks associated with single-point-of-failure hardware or the complicated backup required for conventional non-custodial wallets. While cloud services often raise concerns about security and control, ZenGo maintains a non-custodial approach, meaning you retain full control over your cryptocurrencies, with user-friendly access provided through cloud-based infrastructure.

Additional Features and Innovations

ZenGo has consistently introduced innovative approaches and strategic collaborations to enhance your experience and security. Below, we explore some specific features and cutting-edge technologies that set ZenGo apart.

Integrations and Partnerships

ZenGo’s partnerships are a vital part of their ecosystem, offering you new functionalities and convenience. They collaborate with esteemed names, such as Samsung, integrating with their blockchain wallet to streamline your transactions. ZenGo also enhances your trading capabilities by providing direct exchange integrations, allowing you to participate in staking and NFT markets with increased ease. The focus on robust partnerships ensures that you can rely on a versatile wallet that grows with the evolving digital asset landscape.

State-of-the-Art MPC Cryptography

MPC technology, or multi-party computation, lies at the heart of ZenGo’s security infrastructure. It eliminates the need for a single point of failure, such as a private key, by distributing the signing power across multiple parties. This MPC cryptography ensures that your assets are protected even if one component is compromised, making it a highly reliable method for safeguarding your digital wealth. With MPC as a foundation, you receive both robust security and a user-friendly experience that doesn’t sacrifice one for the other.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common inquiries users have about the Zengo wallet, aiming to give you a clearer understanding of fees, security, and user opinions.

What are the typical fees associated with using Zengo?

Zengo charges a transaction fee when buying or selling crypto, which is competitive with industry standards. Additional network fees apply for blockchain operations.

How secure is Zengo compared to other crypto wallet apps?

Zengo utilizes MPC technology to provide security without traditional private keys, lending it an edge over wallets that rely on seed phrases or passwords.

Which countries are supported by the Zengo wallet?

Zengo is available for use in numerous countries around the globe. The specific availability may vary, and you are advised to check the latest on their official website or app.

Can users withdraw funds from Zengo directly to their bank account?

Presently, Zengo allows for the purchase of cryptocurrencies and does not offer a direct withdrawal to bank accounts. However, you may transfer your crypto to another service that can facilitate this.

What are users saying about Zengo on platforms like Reddit and Trustpilot?

Opinions on Reddit and Trustpilot vary, with some users praising its user-friendly design and security while others show concerns about customer service experiences and technical issues.

Has there been any security breaches in Zengo’s history?

To date, there have been no widely reported security breaches at Zengo. The company prioritizes maintaining a high level of security for its users’ assets.

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User-friendly design
Broad Cryptocurrency Support
24/7 Support