How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 4 Easy Steps

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You can buy Bitcoin SV and have it in your wallet in less than one hour in 4 simple steps:

  1. Find the best exchange that sells Bitcoin SV.
  2. Register a new account.
  3. Fund your account.
  4. Buy Bitcoin SV.

These steps are simple if you know where to buy Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency -- but knowing where to buy is the hard part.

Many cryptocurrencies are only offered on less well-known exchanges, and finding the best place to buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) and then figuring out if that exchange is trustworthy is more than most people - even experienced crypto traders - can handle!

We've done all the hard research for you. Let's get started.

Step 1Find the Best Bitcoin SV Exchange

Ultimately, doing your own research in crypto is the best way to learn the processes of moving your money, finding promising investment opportunities, and buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

We have done years of work to make this as simple as possible for you.

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The Winner is Kraken

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Step 2Register Your New Account

Registering for a Kraken account is a straightforward process designed to give users quick access to its cryptocurrency trading services. The process emphasizes both ease of use and security, ensuring a smooth start for new users.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to register:

  1. Visit the official Kraken website.
  2. Click on the "Create Account" button located in the upper-right corner of the homepage.
  3. Enter your email address, choose a username (which cannot be changed later), and create a strong password.
  4. Read and agree to Kraken's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then click the "Create account" button.
  5. Check your email for an activation message from Kraken, which will include an activation key.
  6. Enter this activation key on the account activation form, or click the link provided in the activation email.
  7. Confirm your password and complete any required captcha verification.
  8. Once these steps are completed, your Kraken account will be successfully created and ready for use.

Step 3Fund Your Account

Once you have registered or logged in to your account at , there are several funding methods you can use to buy Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency.

You can buy Bitcoin SV on using:

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  • Bank Transfer (ACH) 3-5 business days processing time
  • Debit Card Instant processing time
  • Wire Transfer 1-3 business days processing time
  • Paypal Instant processing time
  • Apple Pay Instant processing time
  • Google Pay Instant processing time
  • SEPA 1-3 business days processing time
  • EFTCAD 3-4 business days processing time
  • Interac Instant processing time
  • SGD Transfers 2-3 business days, Same day for a fee processing time
  • 3D Secure Card UK Instant processing time
  • Easy Bank Transfer UK Less than 2 hours processing time
  • Faster Payments UK 1-3 business days processing time
  • Instant Card Cashouts UK Instant processing time
  • PayPal UK Instant processing time

Step 4Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV)

After registering and funding your account at , you should be able to buy Bitcoin SV after your deposit finishes processing. After you receive your BSV, make sure to secure it and follow best security practices to avoid losing it scams or hacks.

Best Bitcoin SV Exchanges

Bitcoin SV is also available on these exchanges:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Bitcoin SV is safe to buy. It is listed for trade on some of our top-rated exchanges including Binance, Zengo, Coinbase Exchange, Bybit, OKX, Kraken, KuCoin,, BingX.

You can buy Bitcoin SV instantly at Binance, Zengo, Coinbase Exchange using their instant buy feature or a credit card.

Yes you can buy less than one (1) BSV. Cryptocurrencies in general are divisible to 16 decimal places.

To buy Bitcoin SV, you will need to deposit funds into your exchange account - which usually has no fees - and then buy BSV, which will incur a trading or purchase fee; usually 0.1-3% depending on the exchange.

You can buy $1 of Bitcoin SV at Binance, Zengo, Coinbase Exchange.

Bitcoin SV Investment & Buying Guide

You’ve likely heard of Bitcoin, but Bitcoin SV (BSV) might be a new term on your radar. As a fork of Bitcoin Cash, which itself split from Bitcoin, BSV aims to stay true to Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision for a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. With its increased block size, BSV promises to scale up transaction capacity, aiming for efficiency and stability.

Diving into Bitcoin SV, you’ll discover a world where cryptocurrency meets original intent. BSV’s commitment to massive on-chain scalability, fast transaction speeds, and low fees positions it uniquely in the crypto landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just crypto-curious, understanding BSV’s fundamentals could be crucial for your digital asset portfolio. Let’s unravel the layers of this intriguing digital currency.

What is Bitcoin SV Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin SV stands for Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, a digital currency that was created to fulfill the original proposal for Bitcoin as a fast and inexpensive peer-to-peer electronic cash system. By reinstating the original Bitcoin protocol, BSV advocates for stability, scalability, security, and safe instant transactions.

How Does Bitcoin SV Compare to Other Cryptocurrencies?

BSV prides itself on a massive block size limit of 2GB, dwarfing that of Bitcoin’s 1MB. This means BSV can handle more transactions per block, positioning itself as a more scalable solution. Unlike Bitcoin, which processes an average of 7 transactions per second (TPS), BSV’s transaction speeds have reached thousands per second, given optimal network conditions.

While other cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, implement complex smart contract platforms, BSV maintains a simple, yet robust scripting language catering to a wide variety of business applications. BSV’s lower transaction fees set it apart from Bitcoin, whose fees can soar during peak congestion times. Its commitment to a set protocol aims to attract enterprise-level adoption by providing a stable platform for developers.

In terms of network value, BSV is still young compared to its predecessors, leading to a smaller but growing community and ecosystem. Despite less media spotlight than Bitcoin or Ethereum, BSV’s dedicated focus on utility over speculation presents a different investment paradigm.

Security is a paramount feature with BSV; developers continuously work to adhere to Satoshi’s vision of a secure payment network.

BSV’s dedication to keeping transaction fees minimal ensures accessibility to a broader user base, especially in regions where transaction cost is a barrier to entry.

Bitcoin SV’s approach is distinguished by its singular focus on being an efficient digital currency rather than a broader blockchain platform, seeking to become the backbone for global enterprise transactions.

Bitcoin SV History & Growth

Bitcoin SV emerged from a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network upgrade on November 15, 2018. The protocol restoration was led by nChain’s Chief Scientist, Craig Wright, who has claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of Bitcoin’s creator. Following the hard fork, BSV and BCH parted ways, each following its independent roadmap. BSV’s launch was marked by controversy due to disagreements regarding the vision for Bitcoin’s future.

Since its inception, BSV has seen notable adoption across several countries. Businesses and applications have started integrating BSV for its robust blockchain capabilities. Its large block size and scalable nature make it a solid infrastructure for enterprise use, and developers have been consistently working to optimize its network.

BSV’s growth can be reflected in the increasing number of transactions processed on its network. The network’s emphasis on unbounded scalability has allowed for a continuously growing ecosystem. The adoption rates are further stimulated by the development of user-friendly tools and platforms utilizing BSV’s blockchain technology.

BSV’s network enhancements have cultivated a growing community of supporters who advocate for the true vision of the Bitcoin protocol. These community members actively engage in educating others about Bitcoin SV’s potential and utility. Despite facing competition from other cryptocurrencies, BSV has carved out a niche focusing on efficiency and stability.

Buying Bitcoin SV with Different Payment Methods

Navigating the plethora of payment options available for purchasing Bitcoin SV (BSV) can be challenging. Exploring the different methods will help determine the best approach for your needs.

Buying Bitcoin SV with a Credit Card

Credit cards offer a fast and convenient way to buy BSV. Major exchanges support credit card purchases, though fees may be higher due to processing costs and chargeback risks.

Buying Bitcoin SV with a Debit Card

Debit card transactions for buying BSV are similar to credit cards but often have lower fees. They’re directly linked to your bank account, offering a quick way to transfer funds without borrowing.

Buying Bitcoin SV with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is becoming an increasingly popular option for BSV purchases on select platforms. It provides a secure and private way to buy BSV with just a few taps on your Apple device.

Buying Bitcoin SV with Paypal

PayPal offers both the ease of use and a level of purchase protection when buying BSV. Some platforms have integrated PayPal, though availability may vary by region and can come with additional fees.

Buying Bitcoin SV with a Bank Transfer

A bank transfer is generally considered a secure method to purchase large amounts of BSV. It’s often favored for lower transaction fees but may take longer to process compared to other payment methods.

Keeping Your Bitcoin SV Safe

Ensuring the security of your Bitcoin SV (BSV) is critical to safeguarding your investment and personal financial data. Different storage solutions offer varying levels of security to meet diverse needs and preferences.

Software Wallets

Software wallets provide a convenient way to manage your BSV assets on the go. ElectrumSV is one of the most popular software wallets for BSV, known for its focus on speed and low resource usage. However, it’s vital to recognize that software wallets are prone to online risks, such as hacking and phishing scams.

To improve security, strong passwords and regular backups are non-negotiable. Moreover, two-factor authentication (2FA) is a crucial layer of protection that shouldn’t be overlooked. Keep your wallet software updated to the latest version to defend against new threats.

Hardware Wallets

For enhanced security, hardware wallets are the gold standard in cryptocurrency storage. Devices like Trezor and Ledger store your BSV offline, effectively making them immune to online hacking attempts. Hardware wallets’ resilience is backed by robust encryption methods to secure your private keys.

Choosing a hardware wallet is a smart move for long-term storage and peace of mind. Remember, the initial setup is critical – write down the recovery seed provided and store it in a secure, separate location. By separating your private keys from internet-accessible devices, you significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your funds.

Selling & Withdrawing Bitcoin SV

When you’re ready to sell your BSV, you have several options. Cryptocurrency exchanges are the most common venues for trading and selling BSV, offering liquidity and varying fiat withdrawal options.

Before selling, it’s crucial to check the current market price of BSV to make informed decisions. Many platforms provide real-time data on BSV prices and market trends.

Once you’ve sold your BSV, withdrawing funds is your next step. You can choose to withdraw to a linked bank account, or use services like PayPal if the exchange supports it.

Transaction fees vary by exchange and withdrawal method. Take time to understand the costs associated with your chosen method to avoid unexpected expenses.

Withdrawal times also differ, with some methods taking longer than others. Bank transfers may take a few days, while other services could provide instant withdrawals.

Remember, always ensure that security precautions are in place when selling and withdrawing funds. Use two-factor authentication and secure passwords to protect your accounts.

Is Bitcoin SV a Good Investment?

Determining whether Bitcoin SV (BSV) is a good investment requires an examination of its performance and potential in the cryptocurrency market. BSV rides on the promise of fulfilling Bitcoin’s original vision, attracting investors who value stability and true utility over short-term gains. Long-term potential may be driven by BSV’s unending scalability and emphasis on becoming the backbone of global enterprise transactions.

Strong backing by businesses and a growing community partly validates BSV’s viability as an investment. Scalability solutions such as the 2GB block size aim to process a significant number of transactions, which could increase adoption rates over time. Security measures inherent in BSV’s protocol are designed to mitigate the risks associated with digital currency investments.

Transaction fees on BSV remain minimal, making it an attractive option for both users and investors looking for practical cryptocurrency applications. Network enhancements and consistent development efforts reflect a commitment to improving BSV’s performance and reliability. However, the volatile nature of the crypto market means any investment, BSV included, comes with inherent risks.

Understanding market trends and BSV’s roadmap is crucial for making an informed investment decision. Keep a close eye on adoption patterns and technological upgrades as they can greatly influence BSV’s investment prospects. Remember that diversification is key in managing investment risks, especially in the often unpredictable cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin SV Price Predictions

Making Bitcoin SV price predictions can be challenging. It’s affected by various dynamic factors like market sentiment, technological advances, and the overall crypto ecosystem’s health. Analysts often use historical data and current trends to forecast future prices. Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are two common methods experts utilize.

Expert predictions for Bitcoin SV have shown some consensus on its gradual increase. The massive block size and commitment to the original Bitcoin protocol contribute to these optimistic projections. Many analysts factor in the growing adaptation of BSV in enterprise solutions when forecasting its value.

Cryptocurrency markets are known for their volatility. BSV’s price is no exception and can experience significant fluctuations within short time frames. Historical prices for Bitcoin SV reflect a pattern of sharp rises followed by corrections.

The future price will also depend on BSV’s competitive performance against other cryptocurrencies. If BSV gains traction as a payment network with its low transaction fees, it could positively impact its price. Integrations and partnerships with businesses can lead to increased demand for BSV, potentially driving up its price.

Market trends indicate an overall increase in cryptocurrency usage. BSV may benefit from this trend as it continues to position itself as a scalable payment solution. Keep an eye on global regulatory developments; they can dramatically impact crypto prices.

Remember to watch for updates from the BSV team. Any significant technological advancements or updates to the blockchain could influence investor confidence and, consequently, the price of BSV.

Additional Info

You’ve navigated the depths of Bitcoin SV and emerged with a comprehensive understanding of its potential as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. With its massive block size and focus on utility, BSV stands out as a scalable solution for enterprise transactions. As you consider its place in your investment portfolio, remember its commitment to low fees and high security. The cryptocurrency market’s volatility demands a strategic approach, and BSV’s adherence to Bitcoin’s original vision may resonate with your investment philosophy. As the ecosystem grows and adoption increases, keep an eye on market trends and BSV’s technological progress. Your informed decisions will be the cornerstone of your interactions with Bitcoin SV, whether you’re buying, selling, or simply watching its journey in the dynamic world of digital currencies.

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