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How & Where to Buy Celsius (CEL)

Buying Celsius (CEL) for funds from your bank requires a 2-step process. You're going to buy some BTC or ETH from an exchange that accepts deposits from a debit card or bank account, and then you're going to transfer your newly bought crypto to a marketplace that sells CEL in exchange for bitcoin or Ether.

Step 1Buy BTC or ETH at Coinbase

Sign up and purchase BTC or ETH at Coinbase.

If Coinbase is not available in your jurisdiction, view our list of exchanges that sell BTC or ETH for Government issued money.

Step 2Go to a supporting CEL exchange:

Transfer your newly purchased BTC or ETH from your wallet to one of the exchanges listed below.


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Why Should I Buy Celsius (CEL)?

How and Where to Buy Celsius (CEL)?

In 2017, Alex Mashinsky and Daniel Leon founded the Celsius project. According to the Celsius website, Leon worked on VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) in the 1990s, and Mashinsky has 35 patents and seven startups under his belt. Since the start, Celsius now has now scaled a large team of employees, advisors and technical developers.

“Meet Celsius: a community of over 1 million users that earn up to 17% yield on their crypto. Get paid new coins every week and borrow cash at 1%. Buy coins, earn yield, borrow, and transfer with no fees. Available on web and mobile apps.” Celsius website.

What Is Celsius (CEL)?

Crypto enthusiasts and investors want to make money from their cryptocurrency holdings. Celsius is a one-stop banking and financial services platform for cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts. It’s a great matchup.

Celsius supports the emergence of a new economy where everyone can achieve financial freedom ethically. The goal of the Celcius network is to disrupt the existing financial industry by outperforming banks and creating financial freedom via cryptocurrency. 

The Celsius platform also serves as a wallet with the CelPay feature, according to the website. After signing up for Celpay, you choose a Celsius user, select a coin and how much you wish to send, add a note, and send. Celsius promote CelPay as “Easy, fast and free”

80% of the Celsius network’s profits are returned to Celsius (CEL) users. Celsius also lends to institutional bodies like hedge funds. Loans are asset-backed to protect lenders. A loan requires that borrowers supply over 100% of whatever they borrow in the chosen currency.

If you transfer your crypto to the Celsius platform, they state that you can start earning up to 17% APY, which is paid to users weekly, maximizing the benefits of compounding. 

The platform has a selection of curated services, such as: –

  • Fair interest
  • Zero fees
  • Lightning-quick transactions

The process of staking $CEL is straightforward and outlined by a diagram of a wheel on the Celsius website: –

  • Buy $CEL tokens
  • Customers earn yield
  • Use balance increase
  • Collect interest
  • Customers earn yield
  • Lend coins
  • Collect interest in coins
  • Buy $CEL

“Meet CEL. Think of it as a rewards program, with actual financial rewards, like even higher earning rates and ridiculously low rates on loans.” – Celsius website

The Celsius website has a business section with business platform solutions (API), corporate onboarding, developer API documentation and crypto solutions for businesses.

What Makes Celsius (CEL) Unique?

The automated financial rewards on the Celsius platform are significant. 

  • There are no bank penalty fees as with traditional banking. 
  • Up to 25% more rewards – Your weekly rewards are paid with $CEL tokens, and you can earn up to 25% more 
  • Up to 25% discount on loans – When you  pay your interest on loans using $CEL, you can receive up to 25% discounts on your interest payments
  • Earn 6.42%* APY – earn weekly rewards paid in $CEL tokens when you HODL with Celsius (There is a * which refers to a page discussing Platinum rates)

The Celsius website is a mission-driven community. It’s easy to navigate, and all features and benefits are available whilst still making it clear that Celsius’ top priority is keeping your digital assets secure on the platform, with top-tier security and cyber defense.  

  • Top 500 HODLers – a list of users with the most significant token holdings
  • Proof of Community – throughout the entire Celsius website, the network promotes network transparency. Proof of community ensures that nothing is hidden. The community can access full details of how rewards are paid to the Celsius community
  • Rewards Explorer – a secure web interface for reward transparency for users to understand and verify the variable rates available with each service
  • Swag Shop – an off-ramp Celsius merchandise store
  • Promo codes – a page of listed codes for discounts
  • Become a Celsius Ambassador – exclusive access to Celsius news, promotions, contests, and the Celsius team.

The Celsius website has a customer service page that states, “We believe at Celsius, we place the interests of the people first. That means communicating with Celsians across a variety of channels, including email and phone service, to give you the best experience we can. In order to do what is best for the community, we must explore uncharted territory to create for the good, not just for the profitable.”

How and Where to Buy Celsius (CEL)

You can purchase $CEL tokens from, an established, reputable cryptocurrency exchange. If you don’t already have a account, you’ll find it easy to get started. Purchasing $CEL tokens is an easy process.

Follow the guidelines below: –

  1.  Create an account on – is one of the most straightforward cryptocurrency exchanges for opening a new account. Once you have registered, your account is verified instantly
  2.  Fund your account – transfer a mainstream cryptocurrency to your account. $CEL is paired with ETH, USDT, and USD.
  3.  Buy $CEL– Buying $CEL tokens is as simple as finding CEL/USDT, CEL/ETH, CEL/USD on the platform and executing a trade
  4.  Store your $CEL tokens securely – has an exchange wallet, as well as their own cold storage hardware wallet, the ‘S1’

How do I Sell Celsius (CEL)?

If you wish to sell your $CEL tokens, makes it super easy to do: –

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Exchange your $CEL tokens for a mainstream stablecoin like USDT
  3. Transfer your USDT to a reputable off-ramp platform such as Coinbase
  4. Before completing the transfer, make sure you are happy with the transaction fees
  5. Once the stablecoins are in your Coinbase account, it’s easy to convert them to your chosen fiat currency. You can then withdraw the funds to your bank account, enabling you to enjoy the profits you’ve (hopefully) made on your $CEL investment

Should I Buy Celsius (CEL)?

We cannot give investment advice, but if you wish to invest in Celsius (CEL), purchase from a reputable cryptocurrency exchange such as, FTX, Bitfinex or BitStamp.

After purchase, we advise storing your $CEL tokens securely in a cryptocurrency wallet. has a secure cold storage wallet called the ‘S1’ and an exchange wallet. 

FTX and Bitfinex have exchange wallets. BitStamp does not offer a wallet, but you can choose an off-ramp wallet to store your $CEL tokens. 

How do I Invest in Celsius (CEL)?

If you wish to invest in Celsius (CEL), purchase from an established crypto exchange like This exchange has a CoinGecko trust score of 10/10 and was rated as excellent by for cybersecurity for two consecutive years.

You can also buy $CEL tokens from the below reputable cryptocurrency exchanges: –