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How & Where to Buy Nexo A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying NEXO

No exchanges offer Nexo NexoNEXO for direct purchase using cash.

To buy Nexo, you will complete a simple three step process:

  1. Buy Ether etherETH at a trusted crypto marketplace.
  2. Send your new etherETH to your Metamask Wallet.
  3. Connect Metamask to and swap etherETH for NexoNEXO.

Keep reading to get the simple to follow step-by-step instructions.

  1. Step 1Trade Cash For Crypto If you already own ETH you want to trade, skip this step and go directly to step two.

    If you don't currently own crypto, then the first step is to get some. In this step you will be buying some Ether etherETH. You are buying Ether because you can directly swap it for NexoNEXO in step 3.

    This will reduce fees by requiring only one trade: etherETH for NexoNEXO

    Click the "Visit Binance.US" button below to sign up at Binance.US — our favorite place for beginners to make their first crypto purchase.

    • logo
      Ease of use
      Time to 1st Buy
      24 hrs
      24h Volume

      Founded in 2019 as the USA-focused branch of the Binance family of exchanges, Binance.US supports trading in over 50 cryptocurrencies, and has the same industry standard low 0.1% fees as the original international Binance exchange. American users can buy crypto directly with a debit card, but Binance.US is not available in 7 states including New York & Texas.

    After you sign up for Binance.US, complete the steps on the website to fund your account and complete your first purchase of etherETH.

  2. STEP 2Send Ether to a Crypto Wallet

    Now that you have etherETH in your Binance.US exchange account you need to send it to an Ethereum-compatible wallet.

    How to Set Up Metamask

    1. Visit
    2. Download the browser extention for Chrome on desktop or the Metamask app for iOS or Android.
    3. Complete the wallet set up process taking special precaution to record your Secret Recovery Seed Phrase. You will lose your funds forever if you lose access to your wallet and can't recover it with your backup recovery phrase.

    How to send Ether (ETH) to Metamask

    1. Copy your new Metamask wallet address by clicking "Receive" and then click "Copy."
    2. Navigate to your Binance.US wallet and click "Withdraw" on your Ether balance.
    3. Paste in the Metamask wallet address you copied earlier.
    4. Double check the address you pasted vs the address in your Metamask to make sure no copy/paste errors occurred.
    5. Once you're 100% satisfied that the addresses match, "withdraw" your ETH from Binance.US.

    Now that you have your Metamask wallet set up, let's move on to buying some Nexo.

  3. STEP 3Connect Metamask to a Price Aggregator

    Now that you have etherETH in your Metamask wallet, you will find the best price to buy NexoNEXO.

    How to Find the Best Price for Nexo

    There are many decentralized exchanges on Ethereum where you can buy Nexo. You could simply pick one of them and use it and hope that it's the best price. Or you could use a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator to find the best price possible without having to compare each one manually. A DEX aggregator like uses the power of open defi programs to compare prices across all marketplaces and offer you the ability to automatically execute that trade directly through 1inch saves you time and money by automatically choosing the best price.

    Best Nexo (NEXO) Exchange Aggregator

    • Nexo exchange
      Nexo exchange


      Ease of use
      Very Easy
      Time to 1st Buy
      3 mins
      24h Volume

      1inch is a site that searches across all decentralized exchanges in the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon networks for the best price on any token you wish to buy. It launched in 2021 and uses the CHI gas token to save up to 42% on gas fees. Simple to use and saves time and money.

    Copy the token address below and paste it into 1inch to add NEXO.


    Once you have added NexoNEXO into the "You receive" box, click "SWAP Token" and confirm the transaction in Metamask.

That's all you need to do to buy Nexo.

Common Questions About Buying & Selling Nexo (NEXO)

What is the best NEXO wallet?

We recommend Metamask as our top-rated wallet primarily because it is so widely supported, but there are other good options like TrustWallet. Trust Wallet is built and supported by Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange. We cannot rank Trust Wallet above Metamask because it only has a mobile version, and the iOS version for iPhones does not have an in-wallet browser, which makes connecting to DeFi apps cumbersome.

How do I add NEXO to Metamask?

To see your newly purchased NEXO in your Metamask wallet, click "Add Token" and copy the NEXO contract address NEXO-A84 into the Custom Token Contract Address field. You will now see your NEXO balance in Metamask and be able to send, receive, and trade it.

Nexo Research Center

Nexo Technical Details & Statistics

  • Market Rank81
  • Market Cap1,507,847,689
  • Circulating Supply560,000,011
  • Total Supply1,000,000,000 NEXO
  • Max Supply1,000,000,000
Yesterday's Trading
  • 24 HR Volume11,660,515 USD
  • Yesterday's High / Low---
  • Yesterday's Open / Close---
  • Yesterday's Change---
All Time Performance
  • All Time High---
  • All Time Low---

What is Nexo?

Nexo is “the world’s first instant crypto-backed loans” provider which allows anybody to put their cryptocurrency up as collateral for a loan. After users deposit cryptocurrency into Nexo’s online wallet they are granted credit in terms of fiat currency on the basis of the current market value of cryptocurrency added to the wallet. Upon successful repayment of the loan, the user’s crypto funds are unlocked and may be removed out of the Nexo online wallet. The entire loan process is automated, meaning users can have fiat currency deposited directly to their bank account in less than 3 hours time. Nexo places heavy emphasis on regulatory compliance in order to assure that its users are not taken advantage of and get the best possible valuation on their crypto deposits.

History of Nexo

Nexo was developed by Credissimo, which was founded in 2008. Credissimo sought to create solutions to efficiencies in traditional lending markets, using technology to develop unique loan products. In 2014, Credissimo became a publicly traded company, becoming one of Europe’s largest loan processors specializing in its particular form of financing. After integrating bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments into their system in 2016, they went on to create Nexo, in 2017. One of Nexo’s biggest backers in Michael Arrington, founder of the technology news and review website TechCrunch. Some of Nexo’s partners include the Bitcoin Foundation, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Bitcoin Association Switzerland. To date, Nexo has processed over $1 billion in crypto-backed loan requests and boasts a social media community of over 50,000 followers.

How Nexo Works

To use Nexo, anyone can deposit a wide variety of crypto funds into Nexo’s online wallet. The fiat value of the funds is thus calculated, and a margin amount is established in case if the assets should decline in value during the period of the loan. Nexo loans can range in size from $1,000 all the way up to $2,000,000. Loan limits are based on the market value of crypto assets deposited into the user’s Nexo Wallet. After a loan has been made, additional credit is automatically and promptly available upon appreciation of the value of cryptocurrency kept in the wallet.

Why Nexo?

Nexo is quite different from most other cryptocurrency platforms, and as a loan provision service, it offers the following competitive advantages:

No credit checks. Nexo does not require that its customers undergo a credit check of any sort and can provide loans for anybody with cryptocurrency equity.

Live automated platform. Nexo’s instant lending platform allows for a continuous user experience and offers military-grade security with 256-bit encryption.

SEC-approved custodian. Nexo has partnershipped with blockchain security experts BitGoto to secure crypto assets kept in their platform wallet. A highly recognized name in the business, BitGo is used by industry leaders like Kraken, CME Group, Pantera Capital, The Royal Mint and UPbit.

Regulatory compliance. Nexo obeys all KYC and AML regulatory compliance standards with Onfido, which is used by Coinbase, Revolut, HSBC, Nationwide, TransferWise and Bittrex.