How & Where to Buy Populous (PPT)

Buying Populous (PPT) for funds from your bank requires a 2-step process. You're going to buy some BTC or ETH from an exchange that accepts deposits from a debit card or bank account, and then you're going to transfer your newly bought crypto to a marketplace that sells PPT in exchange for bitcoin or Ether.

Step 1: Buy BTC or ETH at Coinbase

Sign up and purchase bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) at Coinbase.

If Coinbase is not available in your jurisdiction, view our list of exchanges that sell BTC or ETH for Government issued money.

Step 2: Go to a supporting PPT exchange:

Transfer your newly purchased BTC or ETH from your Coinbase wallet to one of the exchanges listed below.


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Populous Price & Information

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Technical Information

Start Date: 12/04/2017
Hardcap: No Cap
Raised (USD): $9000000
Blockchain: ETH (ERC20)

What is Populous

Populous is a trade and invoice finance network which allows individuals to enter invoice financing with SME and offers a peer to peer, decentralised and open source cryptocurrency called Poken (syn. PPT).

History of Populous

Populous concept was developed in November 2016 and the whitepaper was published on Feb 2017. The ICO went live in July 2017 and a major feature, XBRL, was integrated to the network in September 2017. The public Beta release of Populous is on November 2017.
Stephen Williams, Zvezdomir Zlatinov, and Jonathan Millar are some of the names behind the company and concept.

How Populous Works

Populous uses multiple global standards including Z Score formula, Smart Contracts, XBRL data, stable pegged tokens and others to create a global trading system for investors and lenders. Once an invoice is financed, in full or in parts, by the financiers/ investors, they receive Pokens, equal to their investment. These Pokens can be transferred to an external Ethereum wallet or can be ‘encashed’ for fiat currencies.
The network maintains multiple ledgers. For each borrower/invoice sellers and for every investor/lender, the network maintains a publicly verified ledger of balance. Populous also offers external token contract by implementing Ethereum ERC 20 token standard. Populous also provides a publicly accessible Smart Contracts for every Poken.

Why Populous

Populous is a unique concept and comes with several advantages.

  • First of Its kind: Populous’ main appeal is the concept which is a very unique idea. No other platform exists which offers peer to peer invoice financing option.
  • Superfast Processing: Compared to a bank loan or a traditional invoice financing institute which can take 1-2 months, badly crippling the cash-flow of a company, Populous users can almost instantly receive funding from all over the world.
  • XBRL & Z Score: Populous utilises globally accepted XBRL and Z Score formula to calculate the financing method. These makes it fully compliance and a very safe option.
  • Stability of Ethereum: Populous utilises Ethereum’s robust, tried & tested blockchain network for transactions, making the platform as secure and safe as Ethereum itself.
  • Niche Targetting: Populous aims to target untapped markets with huge turnover and potential. Pharma, adult entertainment and online gaming including gambling are some of their targets and these markets have a yearly turnover close to $100 billion.

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