How to Buy Augur (REP) in 4 Easy Steps

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You can buy Augur and have it in your wallet in less than one hour in 4 simple steps:

  1. Find the best exchange that sells Augur.
  2. Register a new account.
  3. Fund your account.
  4. Buy Augur.

These steps are simple if you know where to buy Augur cryptocurrency -- but knowing where to buy is the hard part.

Many cryptocurrencies are only offered on less well-known exchanges, and finding the best place to buy Augur (REP) and then figuring out if that exchange is trustworthy is more than most people - even experienced crypto traders - can handle!

We've done all the hard research for you. Let's get started.

Step 1Find the Best Augur Exchange

Ultimately, doing your own research in crypto is the best way to learn the processes of moving your money, finding promising investment opportunities, and buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

We have done years of work to make this as simple as possible for you.

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The Winner is Kraken

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Step 2Register Your New Account

Registering for a Kraken account is a straightforward process designed to give users quick access to its cryptocurrency trading services. The process emphasizes both ease of use and security, ensuring a smooth start for new users.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to register:

  1. Visit the official Kraken website.
  2. Click on the "Create Account" button located in the upper-right corner of the homepage.
  3. Enter your email address, choose a username (which cannot be changed later), and create a strong password.
  4. Read and agree to Kraken's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then click the "Create account" button.
  5. Check your email for an activation message from Kraken, which will include an activation key.
  6. Enter this activation key on the account activation form, or click the link provided in the activation email.
  7. Confirm your password and complete any required captcha verification.
  8. Once these steps are completed, your Kraken account will be successfully created and ready for use.

Step 3Fund Your Account

Once you have registered or logged in to your account at , there are several funding methods you can use to buy Augur cryptocurrency.

You can buy Augur on using:

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  • Bank Transfer (ACH) 3-5 business days processing time
  • Debit Card Instant processing time
  • Wire Transfer 1-3 business days processing time
  • Paypal Instant processing time
  • Apple Pay Instant processing time
  • Google Pay Instant processing time
  • SEPA 1-3 business days processing time
  • EFTCAD 3-4 business days processing time
  • Interac Instant processing time
  • SGD Transfers 2-3 business days, Same day for a fee processing time
  • 3D Secure Card UK Instant processing time
  • Easy Bank Transfer UK Less than 2 hours processing time
  • Faster Payments UK 1-3 business days processing time
  • Instant Card Cashouts UK Instant processing time
  • PayPal UK Instant processing time

Step 4Buy Augur (REP)

After registering and funding your account at , you should be able to buy Augur after your deposit finishes processing. After you receive your REP, make sure to secure it and follow best security practices to avoid losing it scams or hacks.

Best Augur Exchanges

Augur is also available on these exchanges:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Augur is safe to buy. It is listed for trade on some of our top-rated exchanges including Zengo, Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, KuCoin, Bybit, OKX,, BingX.

You can buy Augur instantly at Zengo, Binance, Coinbase using their instant buy feature or a credit card.

Yes you can buy less than one (1) REP. Cryptocurrencies in general are divisible to 16 decimal places.

To buy Augur, you will need to deposit funds into your exchange account - which usually has no fees - and then buy REP, which will incur a trading or purchase fee; usually 0.1-3% depending on the exchange.

You can buy $1 of Augur at Zengo, Binance, Coinbase.

Augur Investment & Buying Guide

Diving into the dynamic realm of digital assets, you’ve likely encountered a myriad of cryptocurrencies, each promising unique benefits. Today, you’re about to uncover the intricacies of Augur, a platform that’s redefining prediction markets through blockchain technology.

Augur stands out with its decentralized approach, allowing you to tap into the wisdom of the crowd to forecast events. It’s not just about trading; it’s about harnessing collective intelligence to make informed predictions. Ready to explore how Augur is changing the game? Let’s get started.

What is Augur Cryptocurrency?

Augur is a groundbreaking platform that leverages blockchain technology to power a decentralized prediction market. Using the Augur token, known as REP, participants can buy and sell shares in the outcome of an event, with the blockchain recording and managing these transactions securely. When you engage with Augur, you’re not just speculating on the future; you’re partaking in a community-driven forecasting tool that merges finance and information gathering in a unique way.

How does Augur Compare to Other Cryptocurrencies?

Augur sets itself apart by focusing on predictive events rather than solely being a digital currency. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are primarily used as digital money and a platform for decentralized applications respectively, Augur’s REP token serves as a stake in its unique forecasting ecosystem. Market Creation and Dispute Resolution are integral features giving REP holders influence within Augur’s environment.

While many cryptocurrencies aim to provide secure peer-to-peer transactions, Augur enriches this model with a real-world application in prediction markets. Governance and Rewards are inherent to the REP token, providing you with a say in the decision-making process and a potential share in the markets’ fees, not commonly found in other cryptocurrencies.

Augur leverages Ethereum’s blockchain, enhancing security and transparency in the process of predicting outcomes. This blockchain synergy ensures that Augur benefits from Ethereum’s smart contract functionality while offering a specialized service that contributes to the diversification and evolution of the cryptocurrency space.

Given the unique position of Augur in the blockchain ecosystem, it draws parallels with platforms like Gnosis and PredictIt, yet with a more decentralized operation model. The trustless setup of Augur means your involvement is conducted without the need for middlemen, setting a precedent for the future of decentralized finance and collective intelligence systems.

By understanding Augur’s niche in the landscape of cryptocurrencies, you’re better equipped to grasp its potential impact on the future of decentralized markets and digital currencies as a whole. With this knowledge, you can make more informed decisions regarding your involvement in the Augur network and the broader scope of blockchain technology.

Augur History & Growth

Augur launched in 2015, pioneering the field of decentralized prediction markets. Joey Krug and Jack Peterson were the visionaries who saw blockchain could revolutionize forecasting.

The platform witnessed a major milestone with its beta version in 2016, followed by the live release on the Ethereum mainnet in 2018. This marked Augur’s transition from a concept to a viable product in the blockchain space.

Significant growth came with the introduction of REP, Augur’s native token, drawing attention from investors and market enthusiasts. REP’s primary use in the ecosystem incentivized participation, increasing the platform’s activity and relevance.

Version 2 of Augur, released in 2020, brought significant upgrades including a streamlined interface and additional features like Dai integration. These improvements aimed to enhance user experience and expand Augur’s market presence.

Market participants have created hundreds of prediction markets since Augur’s inception, reflecting diverse interests ranging from election outcomes to sports events. This growth signifies a strong community belief in the value of decentralized prediction markets.

Buying Augur with Different Payment Methods

Buying Augur with a Credit Card

You can purchase Augur (REP) using a credit card on numerous crypto exchanges. Quick transactions and reward points are perks of this method, but watch out for higher fees.

Buying Augur with a Debit Card

Debit card purchases offer a more direct way to buy Augur since it’s linked to your bank account. This option tends to have lower fees than credit cards.

Buying Augur with Apple Pay

With Apple Pay, buying Augur is a breeze for iOS users. The process is secure and the transaction speed is instantaneous, though availability may be limited.

Buying Augur with Paypal

Buying Augur through PayPal is an option on platforms that support this payment method. Keep in mind, not all regions have this facility and fees can vary.

Buying Augur with a Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are often preferred for larger Augur purchases. They usually have the lowest fees but can take several days to process.

Keeping Your Augur Safe

Ensuring the security of your Augur (REP) tokens is crucial in maintaining the integrity of your investment. As with any cryptocurrency, the method by which you choose to store your tokens can greatly impact their security and accessibility.

Software Wallets

When considering Software Wallets, you’re looking at a convenient and easily accessible option. Always check for two-factor authentication (2FA) features to add an extra layer of security. The primary risk associated with software wallets is vulnerability to cyber-attacks, so ensure that your devices are fortified with up-to-date antivirus and anti-malware software.

Hardware Wallets

For those seeking increased security, Hardware Wallets provide offline storage, isolating your REP tokens from online threats. While less convenient for frequent traders, hardware wallets are widely regarded as one of the safest methods of cryptocurrency storage. Brands like Trezor and Ledger are popular choices, renowned for their robust security measures and support for a variety of cryptocurrencies including Augur.

Selling & Withdrawing Augur

When it’s time to sell your Augur tokens, you’ll find the process is similar to buying but in reverse. You can sell Augur on various cryptocurrency exchanges that support the token. Always check the exchange’s reputation and fees before proceeding.

Selling Augur typically involves placing a sell order on the exchange. You’ll need to decide whether to sell immediately at the current market price or set a limit order for your desired price.

Withdrawing Augur to your bank account necessitates converting REP into fiat currency, like USD or EUR. This step usually incurs a conversion fee that varies by exchange.

Most exchanges require completion of identity verification processes before allowing withdrawals. This is known as Know Your Customer (KYC) and is designed to prevent financial crimes.

To withdraw funds, you have to link a bank account or select a withdrawal method offered by the platform. Remember withdrawal times can range from instant to several days depending on the method and the exchange’s processing times.

Digital platforms may offer various withdrawal methods; some popular ones include bank transfer, PayPal, and wire transfer. Each method has unique processing times and potential fees.

Keep in mind that geographic restrictions may affect your ability to sell and withdraw Augur. Always check your local regulations and exchange policies to ensure compliance.

Is Augur a Good Investment?

Investing in Augur hinges on the belief in the growth potential of decentralized prediction markets. Augur’s pioneering role in this niche makes it a noteworthy token within the blockchain ecosystem. The platform’s commitment to maintaining a trustless and transparent system is a unique selling point that could drive demand for REP tokens.

Market trends show a burgeoning interest in decentralized finance (DeFi) and Augur could capitalize on this movement. Your investment decision should factor in Augur’s performance history where longevity in the market speaks to its resilience. Technological advancements and partnerships are integral to Augur’s roadmap, possibly affecting its market position.

Volatility in the cryptocurrency market is a reality and Augur is no exception. Perform due diligence to understand the risks and potential of Augur as part of your diversified crypto portfolio. Keep abreast of the latest market analyses and expert forecasts relevant to Augur’s future.

Augur’s community engagement and development efforts can often be indicative of its commitment to growth and stability. Your awareness of the regulatory climate surrounding cryptocurrencies like Augur ensures more informed investment decisions.

Augur Price Predictions

When diving into Augur price predictions, it’s crucial to acknowledge the volatile nature of the crypto market. Predictions are not guarantees, as various factors within the market contribute to the fluctuation of prices. Historical data demonstrates that REP’s value has experienced significant shifts, often correlating with broader market trends and technological milestones within the Augur platform. Your research on Augur’s price should factor in occurrences like notable updates to the platform or shifts in regulation that impact the crypto space.

Experts in the field use a mix of technical analysis, sentiment gauge, and fundamental analysis to forecast future price movements. Technical analysis involves watching chart patterns and trading volumes, while sentiment gauge evaluates the overall mood in the market, and fundamental analysis looks at the underlying factors such as utility, technology, and team.

Year Predicted High Predicted Low
2022 $30.00 $10.00
2023 $35.00 $15.00
2024 $45.00 $20.00

Augur’s reputation as one of the pioneers in decentralized prediction markets lends it a certain level of potential resilience. The demand for decentralized applications (DApps) and platforms can significantly influence Augur’s price as they highlight the real-world utility of REP.

Updates and collaborations with other blockchain projects could potentially drive Augur’s value. Innovation and partnerships are key drivers in this industry, and they directly affect investor confidence. Keep your eyes peeled for news of Augur entering new collaborations or launching platform upgrades, as these events have historically sparked investor interest.

Additional Info

As you delve into the world of Augur and its role in decentralized prediction markets, remember that the key to successful participation is understanding the intricacies of buying, selling, and securely storing your REP tokens. With a variety of payment options at your disposal, you’re well-equipped to navigate the purchasing process. Don’t forget the importance of adhering to local laws and exchange regulations—a crucial step to ensure a smooth experience. As an investor, staying abreast of market trends and technological developments will aid in making informed decisions about the potential of Augur as an addition to your portfolio. Keep an eye on the ever-evolving regulatory landscape to maximize your investment while minimizing risks. Your foresight in monitoring updates and collaborations could be pivotal in predicting Augur’s future value. Stay informed, stay secure, and you may well reap the rewards of your investment acumen.

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