The news regarding the Chinese tit-for-tat response to tariffs caused a multimarket, multisector disruption yesterday. It is a hiccup in the market, nothing more. But it did provide a boon: a return to previous value and a fantastic opportunity to get long again.

The forecast has not changed for Bitcoin and the market as a whole. The myriad of cycles have ended, price is forming/has formed a base and we are within the next great rise and push to the top. So this gives a great opportunity to continue a study of Financial Astrology and it’s effect on Bitcoin.


This chart appears a little different than the charts I usually use. It is from a piece of charting software called Optuma by Market Analyst. It has, perhaps, the finest and most impressive collection of Gann tools and Financial Astrology tools I have ever used.

The wavey lines you see are syndonical lines. The lines represent the longitudinal angles of two planets, their separation and then converts that number onto a price chart. The green waves represent a syndonical line of the Moon and Mars. The blue wavy lines are the syndonic lines of Mercury and the Galactic Center *(the red lines it the halfway point).

One the fascinating aspects of Gann’s work was his conversion of planetary positions in space and then bringing them onto a price chart. What he proved was just another example (one of the earliest) of how technical analysis shows that markets are natural phenomena. It’s a stunning and eye-opening revelation to see how price treats certain syndonic lines as support and resistance. It’s equally fascinating to see how certain planetary aspects and positions appear during major market changes. ‘

Concerning the remainder of the chart, the indicator below is the Composite index. Now, Optuma comes with an automatic divergence indicator (bordering on cheating in my opinion!). Bitcoin has been displaying long periods of regular bullish divergence on the chart (the highlighted blue boxes represent bullish divergence). This indicates imminent price reversals within the next few days.


*The Mercury-Galatic Center lines are not a great example of the relationship that Bitcoin has with other syndonic lines, I am completing more analysis to determine which lines and relationships Bitcoin is more sensitive to, but Mars certainly is of extreme importance to Bitcoin