One thing I would not think about when talking about digital currency is the fashion industry.  So I was surprised to learn that New York Fashion Week, which started yesterday, sent out a model garbed in a cryptocurrency themed outfit. Ovadia & Sons’ catwalk show sported a model wearing a shirt with a very large Bitcoin symbol on it. This was part of the haute couture and avant-garde designs displayed in the pre-show.

The designers drew their inspiration from punk, Silicon Valley, and crypto.  The collection consisted of 35 men’s pieces, for which the main attraction for Bitcoin enthusiasts was a collared, green, long sleeve shirt with, “Bitcoin accepted – No cash” printed on the side of the shirt. The model looked very serious and wore a faux sailor’s hat.

It seems like Bitcoin is becoming more and more mainstream, with places like Kentucky Fried Chicken embracing it for a day with their Bitcoin Bucket of chicken and more companies starting to accept payments with digital currency. With blockchain being one of the biggest headlines in the news, it should probably not be a surprise that someone in the fashion industry would eventually turn their focus towards it. This is the first time Bitcoin has shown up on the catwalk, but it probably won’t be the last.  Seriously, if someone made a cute dress with Bitcoin on it, I would sport it. I really would.

The fashion industry is known for taking notice of what things are popular, and turning them into the latest trends. The market can be very influential, from setting seasonal colors, to popularizing various waist styles and pant lengths. I imagine we will start seeing more lines producing cryptocurrency themed clothing in the near future, especially since many of the digital currency symbols are pretty awesome looking.

Even though a lot of the outfits displayed at these events, like New York Fashion Week, are not actually designed for the public, I’m curious if there was enough interest that it might show up on a clothing rack. If that piece by Ovadia & Sons’ doesn’t, I bet another brand will mass produce something similar soon. However, one could also just go buy a shirt, print out a cryptocurrency symbol on some iron-on transfer sheets and voila!  Hey, that is a great idea for an Etsy store.  Hmmmm.