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Render Token

How & Where to Buy Render Token (RNDR)

Buying Render Token (RNDR) for funds from your bank requires a 2-step process. You're going to buy some BTC or ETH from an exchange that accepts deposits from a debit card or bank account, and then you're going to transfer your newly bought crypto to a marketplace that sells RNDR in exchange for bitcoin or Ether.

Step 1Buy BTC or ETH at Gemini

Sign up and purchase BTC or ETH at Gemini.

If Gemini is not available in your jurisdiction, view our list of exchanges that sell BTC or ETH for Government issued money.

Step 2Go to a supporting RNDR exchange:

Transfer your newly purchased BTC or ETH from your wallet to one of the exchanges listed below.


Render Token Price & Information

Current RNDR price and historical price chart

Why Should I Buy Render Token (RNDR)?

How and Where to Buy Render Token (RNDR)

Jules Urbach, CEO of the backing company, OTOY, conceived the idea for Render Token in 2009, but it didn’t launch until 2017. The first public sale of the $RNDR token was in October 2017, and in January 2018, sales of $RNDR tokens went private and stayed open until May 2018. During that period, the early $RNDR adopters had access to the Beta Testnet. To build and test the network, artists and node operators worked together towards the official launch at the end of April 2020.

OTOY, the parent company, has many team members across the globe working towards the network’s vision to “democratize GPU cloud rendering.”

Render Token has an RNDR advisory board comprised of industry leaders such as: –

  • Ari Emanuel, the co-Founder and co-CEO of WME
  • JJ Abrams, the CEO and Chairman of Bad Robot Productions
  • Brendan Eich, the CEO and founder of BAT and Brave Software

What is Render Token (RNDR)?

Render Token (RNDR) is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a distributed rendering network that connects mining partners with studios and artists wanting to rent GPU compute power.

The native token is $RNDR, an ERC-20 token that artists exchange for GPU computing power. $RNDR combines a manual and automated PoW (proof of work) system called Proof of Render. The process verifies that art has been rendered successfully before releasing payment and the art. Before rendering, $RNDR payments are stored in Escrow. The funds are released to node operators when manually verified by the commissioning artist. Assets on the network are watermarked until the disbursement of payments.

What Makes Render Token (RNDR) Unique?

The Render network says that it is “the leading provider of decentralized GPU based rendering solutions, revolutionizing the digital creation process.”

The network aims to remove the problem of hardware limitations for artists, giving them access to fast, low-cost GPU power so they can become a “part of the new digital renaissance.”

Render provides a win-win situation by connecting users with idle GPUs with artists who need GPU power for rendering. GPU owners become node operators by connecting to the Render Network to receive rendering jobs. The node operators receive $RNDR token rewards for their work, and OTOY receives a marginal percentage of $RNDR from facilitating the transaction.

The Render Network creates a much more efficient, powerful, and widely-scalable rendering network.” Render Network website

How and Where to Buy Render Token (RNDR)

There are two essential steps to take before buying Render Token (RNDR). Firstly, sign up with a cryptocurrency exchange that lists $RNDR tokens. Secondly, set up a secure wallet that supports $RNDR tokens. It’s risky to leave them on an open exchange because you could lose them if a cyber-attack occurred.

There are hundreds of crypto platforms to choose from, but we recommend an established exchange like It’s an excellent platform for beginners and experts. has the “S1”, a secure cold storage crypto wallet, and you can access a vast trading market with over 1,400 different cryptocurrencies.

 To get started: –

  1.   Sign up for an account and either deposit funds with a supported payment methods or purchase some USDT or ETH
  2.   Your account is verified quickly. has one of the most straightforward sign-up processes
  3.   Open the “exchange” tab and choose a pair from RNDR/USDT or RNDR/ETH
  4.   Transfer the $RNDR to your Wallet

How do I Sell Render Token (RNDR)?

Selling your $RNDR tokens on is as simple as logging in to your account and selling the $RNDR coins for a stablecoin like $USDT. You then send it to an off-ramp platform, like Gemini. Once the transfer completes, sell the $USDT for your chosen fiat currency and withdraw it to your bank account. Hopefully, you made a nice profit from investing in Render Token (RNDR) with

Should I Buy Render Token (RNDR)?

Investing advice is tricky, and we aren’t qualified financial experts, so we cannot offer advice. Generally, take your time and avoid impulse buying. Ensure you understand and believe in the Render Token project before buying $RNDR tokens.

Still, once you commit to investing in Render Token (RNDR), sign up for an account with, one of the leaders in the cryptocurrency space.

How do I invest in Render Token (RNDR)? Safely?

Whatever financial instrument you choose for investment, you must accept the risks. For instance, in mid-2021, the cryptocurrency market lost 50% of its value. Prices can take a long time to recover. The safest way to invest is to avoid the crypto scam sites and register with a trustworthy exchange, like, so you know your money, or your coins, won’t disappear from the platform.

Binance is a world-leading exchange by trading volume. It lists $RNDR/USDT, RNDR/BUSD and RNDR/BTC and has a downloadable mobile app wallet. Coinbase is excellent for new cryptocurrency investors and traders because it is user-friendly and has a good range of fiat currencies. It lists RNDR/USD, RNDR/USDT and RNDR/EUR. It has a reasonable range of over 500 markets and more than 170 different cryptocurrencies.